We have standard set cruises but we are flexible to accomodate any ideas or plans that you may have. Just let us know - the possibilities are endless!


Two Hour Cruise


We will arrange a two hour cruise depending on what you would like to experience and our point of departure. We can cruise in the Great Sound and stop for a quick swim or we can cruise on the ocean side and also stop for a quick swim. We want to accommodate your wishes rather than operating like a train on a track and we are more inclined to get off the beaten path if given an opportunity.


Half Day – 4 hrs


Double Play can leave Robinson’s Marina and cruise past Cathedral Rocks and Whale Island to enter Ely’s Harbour which is Somerset’s largest harbour.  The land surrounding this protected stretch of water is considered to be some of the West End’s most exclusive real estate.  Exiting Ely’s Harbour we cruise out into the Atlantic Ocean and can now see the shallow waters indicative of the northern side of Bermuda’s under water platform. These fringing reefs extend for some distance offshore here and are continuously studded with beautiful coral heads which come close to the surface. At this point, depending on the weather and your whim, we can turn left toward the southern side of Bermuda or right and continue on around the island of Somerset. Of course we have to stop at the mostly submerged wreck of the H.M.S. Vixen and feed the fish which are patiently waiting for us. 


If you would like to stop and have lunch or go for a swim we will arrange the rest of the trip to suit your needs. We will have sufficient time to cruise through the islands in the Sound and motor on into Hamilton Harbour. This is a very relaxing cruise yet you will see most of the western end of the island.




A full day cruise which can be up to 8 hours will be tailored to your wishes. On such an outing there will be sufficient time to have a full meal, a swim and an extensive cruise. The route we will take will certainly depend on our point of departure and return as well as the time of the charter and weather conditions. See the Four Hour Cruise description for a possible start of the day.

For questions or reservations please contact Capt. Joseph Robinson on (441) - 335 - 1343 or by